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The Korean language is quite fascinating. As an East Asian language, around 80 million people speak it natively. Its origins are debated in the linguist community, which makes it an even more interesting language. Because it’s a widely spoken language, especially in business settings, it’s crucial to have accurate, efficient Korean to English translation and interpreting services.

The world is a multicultural place, and it’s important to be able to communicate our thoughts, projects, and ideas in different languages. Translating word for word simply doesn’t cut it. Interpreting entails formal training and certification to deliver a message accurately. A professional understands the culture, slang, and intention of the language he or she is interpreting. Korean to English translation is no easy task, the structure of the sentences isn’t even similar. So, if you want an interpreter or a translator, you need someone with the appropriate experience and training to get optimum results.

Interpreting means verbally interpreting in real time, whether it’s on-site or remote. Translation means translating a document, email or text in another language. Although they’re not used in the same situations, both interpretation and translation are important. Thus, interpretation is not just about knowing English and Korean fluently. If this were the case, then people wouldn’t spend years in training to become interpreters. Only a trained professional understands the importance of knowing more than just words, so if you need Korean to English translation, you need to do it right.

Work with culturally aware translators and interpreters

At Language Resource Center Inc. (LRC), we strive to make the world closer despite language barriers. We are passionate about cultures, languages, and people, we want to provide a service that goes beyond just interpreting. Our goal is to create positive change and impact the lives of people regardless of their language. Helping with interpretation in medical settings, legal settings, or emergency settings gives us the opportunity to give people a voice. When it comes to business, our services make it possible to connect international companies or clients to locals.

We offer on-site and remote interpreting as well as translation services. Whether it’s done in person, over the phone, or on a video call, our interpreters are fluent in offering precise Korean to English translations. Besides having an extensive vocabulary, our professionals interpret metaphors, idioms, and slang. Additionally, they possess specialized knowledge in a variety of fields to meet your needs.

Our interpreters are also compassionate listeners, matching the tone of speakers, and understanding the cultural differences that may be unique to each language and culture. interpreters’ skills go beyond language since they also have great interpersonal skills. Conflict is created sometimes when language fails, so we are committed to delivering a service that gives you the best in communication.

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We are commintted to providing clients and their consumers linguistically and culturally competent services that meet all their language needs