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Spanish is a Romance language with approximately 480 million native speakers around the globe. After Mandarin, Spanish is the world’s most commonly spoken native language. Spanish is also the official language in 19 countries in the Americas, which accounts for more than half of the countries on these continents. It’s no wonder that this language is so common. For this reason, professional and accurate Spanish to English translation and interpretation is very important.

Today’s world is a melting pot. Cultural globalization is part of modern society, making it important to be able to communicate our ideas, projects, and thoughts in different languages. Interpreting is not only about interpreting from one language to the other if that were the case you could simply look for a translator online and put any text there. This would leave you with an incoherent textual translation. Interpreting requires formal training in order to accurately translate a message, taking culture, intention, and idioms into account.

Translation means that you translate a document to a different language. Interpreting, on the other hand, means you interpret verbally in real time. Both are important, even though they’re not used in the same situation. Being bilingual isn’t enough, you are translating or interpreting Spanish to English. As we’ve said before, Spanish is spoken in 19 countries in the Americas alone and with this comes numerous variations of the language. This includes different terms, different accents, different expressions, and different ways to communicate, which are crucial when switching from one language to the other. Thus, only a trained professional who has gone through the necessary training and certification understands these nuances and is able to deliver the best translation or interpretation of what needs to be said.

The Importance of Good Interpreting

Language interpreting and translating is very complex. It is filled with abstract and new concepts that can get lost in translation, and when it fails, it could create conflict. Also, when you translate literally, you lose meaning and intention. These language barriers prevent us from becoming a completely inclusive society. However, according to the Civil Rights Act, there shall not be discrimination based on race, color, religion or nationality. Thus, we believe in bringing people closer to each other regardless of their culture or language.

At Language Resource Center Inc. (LRC), we’re passionate about the interpretation and translation of languages. Our network of highly trained language specialists provides our clients in every industry with a one-stop solution for their Spanish to English language needs. Our team of Spanish interpreters and Spanish translators offer on-site or remote interpretation.

Additionally, we offer translation services for any document needed. Our interpreters’ experience gives them a deep understanding of the Spanish language and its multiple cultures.

Beyond having amazing language skills, our team of professional interpreters has extensive knowledge of specific industries (medical, legal, education, and more), making our service extremely adaptable to your specific needs. Our interpreters are well trained to ensure you get an accurate interpretation, with a cultural understanding of the language they’re interpreting, paired with compassionate listening and remarkable soft skills.

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We are commintted to providing clients and their consumers linguistically and culturally competent services that meet all their language needs