Telephone Interpretation


OPI is ideal for short encounters such as arranging appointments, brief follow-ups, simple inquiries, and emergency situations while an on-site interpreter is on the way. For this reason, it’s crucial you contact skilled interpreters to ensure accuracy. OPI is not recommended for lengthy interactions, particularly if important, sensitive, or confidential issues are being discussed, and an understanding of non-verbal expressions is important.


All Language Resource Center (LRC) over the phone interpreters go through a standard training course, skill evaluation, and rigorous credentialing process to ensure that they have an in-depth understanding of effective interpreting and national interpretation standards.

LRC interpreters are fully aware of how to maintain accuracy, completeness, and confidentiality. They also have a keen understanding of the requirements for impartiality, professionalism, the scope of practice, and integrity.

Our interpreters fully comply with HIPAA policies and adhere to the National Code of Ethics & Standards of Practice for Interpreters in Healthcare (by the National Council on Interpreting in Healthcare (NCIHC) and the International Medical Interpreters Association (IMIA), assuring top quality service.

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    Over-the-Phone (OPI)
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    Over 190 languages
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    On-Demand/ By Appointment 24/7/365
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    Web-Based Scheduling System (User Name & Password Required Call to Sign Up)
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    Call us (877) 689-0224
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